Foxhunting Equipment


2 Meter Tape Measure Beam by Joe Leggio WB2HOL

Cheap Antennas-LEOs by Kent Britain — WA5VJB



Joe Moell’s Offset Attenuator



VK3YNG Foxhunt Sniffer

Ultra Sniffer Home Page


Direction Finder Devices

The Handi-Finder

Handi-Finder DIY plans

RDF Doppler


Magazine Articles

QST – Joe Moell’s “Tracking Down The Fun Part 1”

QST – Joe Moell’s “Tracking Down The Fun Part 2” 



Let’s Go T-Hunting:

Hidden Transmitter Hunting:

RDF and Hidden Transmitter Hunting:

FARS T-Hunting:

Intro to Foxhunting:


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