APRS Weather Station Equipment

This APRS weather station was installed to support the local R/C flying field.  There was a strong desire for members to have near real time data (primarily wind speed & direction).  The field is located in a rather remote area without access to “the grid” (power and data connectivity).  This was the only conceivable way to get weather information from the site.

The pictures shown here are somewhat dated…some of the equipment has been replaced over time due to wind damage and some vandalism, but it should serve as a guide to anybody wishing to get an idea as to how this can be done.

The key components:

Solar power system w/charge controller

Weather station (Peet Brothers Ultimeter 800 used)

Byonics WxTrak (or other APRS WX controller) www.byonics.com/wxtrak

2 Meter HT (Yaesu FT-209H shown, any with external power, mic & audio will work)

2 Meter Antenna

Enclosure (Stack-On pistol safe used)